All thought is metaphor. The map is not the territory. Every verbal map we make is metaphor, but existence is not words, it is not mathematical equations, the universe is much bigger and more complicated than any verbal map we can make of it. The map is not the territory. The words that describe the map are not the territory, are even further from the territory, so the map is a generalization that doesn’t fit any particular territory. What I perceive is not out there, it’s just what I perceive.
Robert Anton Wilson (via newuseforoldcircuits)

Anonymous asked:

Whats wrong with ancom? just curious

A refusal to question the ideological presuppositions of capitalist society that often results in them defending stupid shit like the minimum wage or other left-liberal measures because they temporarily relieve the working class of their economic and financial burdens, ignoring how these things have become crucial for the continued existence of a capitalist economy.

I don’t totally reject anarcho-communism because I’m still an anarchist, but I just haven’t seen any usefulness in describing myself as such for a while, and haven’t considered myself a communist for a while either.

Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about bands like death in June trying to 'reappropriate' nazi imagery?

I don’t care at all and the people who make a big deal about it ascribe way too much importance to the music they don’t listen to it’s like listening to a liberal rant about the power of consumer boycotts.

Actual Fascist bands usually sound like shit anyway.